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Alc. 9.5% ABV 65 cal (261 kJ) per 120 ml






The Drain Cleaner

0 to 0.9

Warning! Drink at your own peril. To be used only as drain cleaner or paint thinner…

The Mother in Law

1 to 1.9

The bottle to chase away the mother in law…don't say we didn't warn you…

The Friend Zone

2 to 2.9

We've all been there…it's close but just not close enough….

The Monday Blues

3 to 3.4

The bottle that makes the start of the week almost bearable but won't leave you feeling broke…

Mr Consistent

3.5 to 3.9

The reliable companion that never lets you down…

The Sweet Spot

4 to 4.4

The bottle that whispers sweet nothings into your ear leaving you craving more…

The Royal Flush

4.5 to 4.9

You've hit the jackpot! It’s a sure bet that lures you back time and time again…

The Unicorn


The legend, the myth! Stories of this mythical beast have been shared for centuries but no one has ever claimed to ever have seen one...until now!

Disclaimer: At Maslow International, we only believe in serving the best of South African wines. You won't see anything below 'The Monday Blues' here - enjoy!


2016-12-03 10:09:21
Drink all day

A light rose - we had this on a junk recently - perfect rose for all day drinking.

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Alc. 9.5% ABV 65 cal (261 kJ) per 120 ml

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